Party Planning


As families and friends gather this holiday season, let HAYS be your destination for the finest selection of festive and delicious party trays. Pick up a newly designed party and entertainment guide at a HAYS near you and let one of our friendly associates in the deli department assist you with your order.

Whether it’s cheese and fruit you need, or mini sandwiches made on

delicious dinner rolls, or a platter of shrimp or chicken served in an eye-appealing way, or perhaps you just need a basic meat and cheese tray—these and many other choices are yours at HAYS!

Use this holiday season as an excuse to let the Deli experts at HAYS prepare your party and dinner needs. The time you save will give you more time you can spend with those so special to you.

Pricing as of 12-7-16

Finger-Sandwich-Tray shrimp drummette
Finger Sandwich Tray Simply Shrimp Sizzling Drummette Platter
A crowd pleaser.
Classic sandwich favorites made with ham, turkey
and American cheese.
An abundant harvest of cooked and peeled flavorful shrimp accompanied with our zesty cocktail sauce and lemon wedges. Just right for those special guests A very popular party platter of our fresh fried chicken drummettes. Served with honey mustard and creamy ranch dipping sauces for your guest’s enjoyment.
cheese meatball entertainer
Cheese & Fresh Fruit Splendor Mama Mia’s Meatball Tray The Entertainer Sandwich Tray
This eye-catching tray contains a seasonal assortment of cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes and strawberries. The fruits are complemented with Colby, Muenster and Swiss cheeses.and American cheese. Entice your guests with a tray of seasoned hearty meat- balls covered in tangy barbecue sauce…a yummy delight! Perfect for a brunch or party, this tray features an equal number of ham, turkey and roast beef sandwiches made on delicious dinner rolls.
pinwheel gardenveggies southerchicken
Party Pinwheel Sandwich Bites Garden Vegetables Southern Fried Chicken Platter
Tortilla wraps spread with a cream cheese mixture and filled with a variety of meats. Sure to be a hit at your event!
A great complement to any meat or cheese platter. An all occasion vegetable platter featuring baby carrots, celery sticks, cucumbers, radishes, broccoli and cauliflower florets. Garnished with onion curls and served with ranch or vegetable dip. A mouth-watering platter of our freshly breaded and fried chicken breasts, legs, thighs and wings. Perfect for your picnic or Sunday dinner table.
american-meat gourmet-meat scrum-tender
American Meat & Cheese Tray Gourmet Meat Platter Scrumptious Tender Platter
Our most popular tray! A hearty platter of meats and cheeses that includes ham, roast beef, turkey, American cheese, Colby-Jack cheese and Swiss cheese. The perfect tray for sandwich building. Tender slices of delicious roast beef, turkey breast, ham and corned beef. A sure hit! Enjoy our tastefully delicious fresh chicken tender platter. A great addition to any event menu. Served with your choice of creamy ranch or honey mustard dipping sauce.
cookies brownie coffee
Delectable Cookies Brownie Bonzana Morning Coffee Break
Indulge your guests with a delightful assortment of fresh baked cookies. Chocolate lovers rejoice because it is pure chocolate heaven with our rich delicious brownies topped with cream cheese icing, fudge icing, German chocolate icing, pecans and sprinkles Offer a break in the morning meeting with an array of our moist, delicious sliced loaf cakes and flavorful assortment of our fresh baked strudel bites.