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best choice logo 1

I just want to take a minute and tell you guys about Best Choice®. Best Choice is a way to buy great tasting products at really affordable prices. I know there may be a few items that aren’t your favorite, but the vast majority (like, 95%) are every bit as good as the national brands equivalent at a fraction of the price!

Right now we are smack dab in the middle of baking season. Here are just some of the great deals you will get on Best Choice products: Brown or Powdered Sugar (2/$3); Graham Cracker Pie Crust ($0.99); Cream Soups (3/$2); Premium Chocolate Chips (2/$3); Chicken Broth ($0.99/32 oz); Marshmallow Creme ($0.99); Almond Bark (2/$5); and this is just the beginning! There are hundreds more terrific prices in the baking section alone. Just think about how many great bargains there are throughout the entire store!

To make it even better, we have a Best Choice® Truckload Sale going on through 12/6/16 with incredible prices on dozens more Best Choice products.

And if we don’t have the Best Choice products you would like, just let us know and we will see if it is available for us to carry!